This undated photo provided by Generac shows a Guardian Series built-in generator available for homeowners. Although built-ins are more expensive and require professional installation, they turn on automatically in power outages. Portables are powered by gasoline and need to be manually started.  (AP Photo/Generac)


At Faith Electric Inc., we are the one-stop resource for all your residential, commercial and recreational generator needs, including new and used purchases, maintenance, parts and accessories.

Whether you're looking for a home standby generator to protect your family from a winter power outage, a portable RV generator for that vacation you're planning, or a backup generator to keep your business running during a blackout, we can help.

With a wide selection of generator brands and styles, you're sure to find the right generator at the right price. And if you need any help choosing, an expert technician will be happy to recommend one that fits your energy needs, as well as install it, ensure a safe transfer of power and provide any necessary maintenance services to old or used generators.

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